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  1. PCMCIA (PC Card) bus pinout diagram @

    69 rows · 27.01.2010 · PCMCIA Cards have 68 pin assignments, and interface with both 8- and 16-bit buses. They also support physical access of up to 64 MB of memory. PCMCIA cards give you universal expansion capability for mobile computers, and can support a variety of functions including wireline and radio-based fax and modem capabilities, mass storage, and memory extension for host machines.

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    • PCI Express Mini Card (Mini PCIe) pinout diagram ...

      28 rows · 16.08.2010 · PCI Express Mini Card (also known as Mini PCI Express, Mini PCIe, and Mini …

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      • PCI bus pinout diagram @

        190 rows · 27.01.2010 · Used to manage resource locks on the PCI bus. M66EN. Ground when card

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        • PCMCIA · AllPinouts

          PCMCIA = Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. 68 PIN MALE Contreller at the controller. 68 PIN FEMALE Contreller at the peripherals

        • PCMCIA Cardbus Description, PinOut and Signal names

          PCMCIA devices; both CardBus and PC card use a 68 pin connector, with two rows of 34 pins, @ 0.05 inch spacing. Female pins are used on the card side. The power and ground pins are longer than the signal lines, allowing them to make connect first. Connector Vendors: AVX {PCMCIA PC Memory Card

        • PCMCIA ExpressCard Description, PinOut and Signal names

          PCMCIA ExpressCard "Newcard" is the new form factor for PCMCIA Circuit Cards and will utilize either the USB or PCI Express buses. The ExpressCard add-in card may also utilize both the USB and PCIe interfaces on the same card. The new single width card is 34mm x 75mm. The double width card is 54mm x 74mm (has a 22mm notch). The single card is called ExpressCard/34, and the double width card

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